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Friday, June 20, 2008

Season Over - Schilling to have shoulder surgery

BOSTON -- Curt Schilling said Friday he will not pitch this season.

In an interview Friday morning on WEEI-AM, the Red Sox right-hander said that he will undergo surgery Monday on his injured shoulder. When asked whether that will end his season, the 41-year-old Schilling said "Yes." It is not clear if Schilling addressed whether the surgery would spell an end to his career, which has spanned 20 seasons with Baltimore, Houston, Philadelphia, Arizona and Boston.

I recall earlier in the year, Schilling wanted to have the surgrey done, but management insisted that 'he go along with their plan' to wait it out and rest his arm. I do believe that he wanted it done even before the season was underway.

I guess that this looks like the end of the road for him. I truly do not expect him back next year. It would have been great to have him pitch in Philadelphia this past week, since he did want to do a season-long curtain call. Thank you Curt for all the great memories you provided us with. However, at times you spoke out of turn. But that was probably good that you made your comments because attention was drawn toward you and away from other players. These sports writers always needed something to write about.

Be sure to check out Curt's blog 38 pitches, where I am sure he will post information on his career and surgery. He hasn't provided us with an entry yet.

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