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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Heeeeeere's Milton.

Milton Bradley.... please, somebody give him a hug. He needs one. One of the true 'characters' of the game. His stormy past has resurrected itself in spite of the wonderful season he is having.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. --Milton Bradley stormed out of the Texas Rangers clubhouse after an 11-5 victory Wednesday night over Kansas City and bounded up four flights of stairs looking for Royals television announcer Ryan Lefebvre. Bradley, who was the designated hitter, heard what he considered derogative remarks made by Lefebvre on a TV in the Rangers clubhouse.
General manager Jon Daniels and manager Ron Washington were close behind and intercepted Bradley before he reached Lefebvre. "I don't want to get necessarily into the details," Daniels said. "He was upset. Someone who doesn't know him was passing judgment on TV. It was obvious he was hurt by the comments." Bradley never reached Lefebvre, although he was within about 20 feet of him in the TV booth before being led back down to the clubhouse.

"There was no incident," Daniels said. Upon returning to the clubhouse, Bradley screamed at teammates and broke down in tears. "I'm tired of people bringing me down," Bradley said. "It wears on you. I love you guys, all you guys. I'm strong, but I'm not that strong. All I want to do is play baseball and make a better life for my kid than I had."
Lefebvre, who is the son of former major league manager Jim Lefebvre, said he met with Daniels and Washington about his on-the-air comments, but did not talk to Bradley. Lefebvre said the comments were intended to praise Josh Hamilton, who missed nearly four years of professional baseball with cocaine and alcohol additions, rather than tear down Bradley. "It was a conversation about how Josh Hamilton has turned his life around and has been accountable for his mistakes," Lefebvre told The Associated Press. "Right now, it seems like the baseball world and fans are rooting for him. ... It doesn't seem like Milton Bradley has done the same thing in his life."

Looks like it's time for a 'mental health day' for the Texas Ranger's slugger who was hitting .333 with 14 dingers and 45 RBI's. It's a shame that Lefebvre or somebody there had to mess with the guy, who is having his best year. A career .278 hitter, the 30-year old Bradley has played for a total of 6 major league teams over a career spanning 9 years. However, he has not lasted more than 2 years with any team. In the coming days, I'll detail some of his stormy past. I hope he gets discounts when he buys multiple uniforms for all these different teams. Maybe he'll be wearing Giant orange in the future. Those guys need another character (who can hit) in their lineup to stir things up. We know he'll never end up with the Red Sox. However, we do have some hot tempers in our clubhouse.

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