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Monday, June 30, 2008

Manny being Manny? Uh uh uhhhhh.

What happens in the clubhouse, stays in the clubhouse. This wasn't very nice, but I just don't want to hear anymore about this. The media is itching to blow it out of proportion. Anything to disrupt the Red Sox, who have been playing some very inconsistent baseball all season long.

The Red Sox are confident it wasn't Manny just being Manny. Manny Ramirez has apologized for pushing the team's traveling secretary to the ground in the visitors clubhouse during a confrontation Saturday in Houston, according to a report in The Providence Journal.

RamirezRamirez had requested 16 tickets from Jack McCormick for Saturday's game against the Astros, the report said. After McCormick said that it might not be possible, Ramirez replied by yelling "just do your job," according to Monday's report. Ramirez and McCormick later discussed the incident in a private meeting, during which the left fielder made amends.
"That's over," Ramirez said Sunday, according to the report. "We're fine now."

Boston manager Terry Francona said the team had resolved the matter and was "satisfied with how we handled this." "Sometimes things happen," Francona said, according to The Journal. "And when they do, we choose to handle them internally." It wasn't the first time Ramirez was forced to put a sour incident behind him this season. Ramirez, who on May 31 became the 24th major leaguer to hit 500 home runs, had to be separated from first baseman Kevin Youkilis earlier this month after apparently taking a swing at him during a dugout argument.

"It's in the past," Ramirez said the next day. "It's a new day."

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