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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pitch Tipping

• A-Rod "pitch tipped" when he played for the Rangers by letting opponents at the plate know which pitch was coming in lopsided games. A-Rod expected players he helped would reciprocate when he was having an off night and needed to get his batting average up.

MY TAKE ON THIS: What else is new? I wonder how many other players are involved in pitch-tipping, not just with AHole. I'm talking about the whole freaking Major Leagues. Probably rock your socks off. I guess the most likely would be 3B and 1B, huh? Take a look at the statistics from ball games and see occurences when each team's Third or First Baseman are both having exceptional days at the plate. Find a couple and go back on the boxscores and see if there is a consistency there. I just checked through the past two years of Yankee's box scores where AHole has had multi-hit games and compared his stats with the opposing 3B and 1B and I didn't see anything that would indicate pitch-tipping on a consistent basis.

A-Rod used steroids since high school

Barry Rodriguez on Steroids?

Relaying details from an upcoming book on Alex Rodriguez by Sports Illustrated's Selena Roberts, the New York Daily News reports today that Rodriguez may have started taking steroids as early as high school and is suspected of continuing his use of performance-enhancing drugs with the New York Yankees.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Brad Penney

Sucks. Bring on Smoltz or Bucholz.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Yankee Hater

THREE YANKEES I TRULY DESPISE: Johnny Demon, Joba The Hut Chamberlain, Mark Curseira. Three that I really don't mind and it's hats off to them and they don't make me vomit: Derek Jeter, Hideki Matsui and Mo Rivera. Perhaps my two favorite players of the past 10 years could very well be Pedro and Manny. even though the two of them pretty much 'deserted' the Sox, but when Pedro pitched, I stopped what I was doing. When Manny batted, everbody stopped to watch him.

Joba's Big Papi Speaks

With the Yankees and Joba Chamberlain coming into town, Dave Ortiz had a few words about Joba Chambertlain.

With Chamberlain scheduled to start for the Yankees in the opener of a three-game series against the Red Sox, David Ortiz yesterday said the talented right-hander should avoid using Kevin Youkilis' head as a bull's-eye.

"None of that, man -- just play the game the way it's supposed to be, and that's about it," Ortiz said, referring to Chamberlain. "This is a guy, as good as he is, the next step for him will be to earn respect from everybody in the league. He's not a bad guy, but when things like that happen, people get the wrong idea."

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MY TAKE ON THIS: Over and under on a bench-clearing incident. 2 innings. Should Lester throw the first brush-back in the first inning so Joba can't do the same without being tossed. That way Chamberlain will be hesitant to work close? Crazy thinking of mine. Maybe Papi or Youk is going to get brushed back early in the game. ROUND ONE. Friday, Apri, 23 New York Yankees vs the Red Sox.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Eric Dampier - Professional Village Idiot

The NBA has commenced a review of Dallas Mavericks center Erick Dampier's postgame comments Monday in San Antonio that could result in an official penalty from the league office -- most likely in the form of a fine -- before Thursday's Game 3.

NBA spokesman Tim Frank confirmed Tuesday night that Dampier will be interviewed by league security officials about his statements after vowing to put San Antonio's Tony Parker "on his back" with his first foul in Game 3.

Parker shredded Dallas' defense for 38 points Monday night to spark San Antonio to a 105-84 triumph that evened the long-standing Texas rivals' first-round series at 1-1.
"Parker got into the teeth of our defense and caused problems," Dampier told The Dallas Morning News after the game. "Every time he drives the lane, we have to put him on his back. The first foul has to tell him he's in for a long night. My first foul Thursday night is going to put him on his back. I guarantee it."

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Friday, April 17, 2009

Surgery for Lowrie?

Red Sox shortstop Jed Lowrie will visit a specialist in Arizona in the coming days to determine the best course of action for his return from a slight left wrist fracture, which could be season-ending surgery, Lowrie said today. Lowrie planned to meet with Dr. Tom Gill today to have some questions answered.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dice-K goes to Disabled List

The Red Sox are preparing to place pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka on the 15-day disabled list with shoulder fatigue. Matsuzaka lasted just one inning Tuesday night and needed 46 pitches in allowing five first-inning runs to Oakland in the Sox’ 6-5 loss. Matsuzaka had alerted the team in Anaheim that his shoulder was feeling weak but assured them that he was well enough to make Tuesday’s start

The Sox attempted to get Pawtucket reliever Hunter Jones to Oakland-Alameda County Stadium in time for this afternoon’s game after depleting their bullpen with 11 innings in relief of Matsuzaka Tuesday night. But Jones is experiencing travel delays and will not be here for gametime.

The Sox plan to have Justin Masterson take Matsuzaka’s spot in the rotation. Masterson was stretched out as a starter for most of spring training and contributed four innings in Tuesday’s

MY TAKE ON THIS: WBC. Would be nice if the Sox did not allow their players to go next year. I expect Hunter Jones to be around until Beckett's scheduled start on Sunday when he could be replaced with Bucholtz. Currently Clay has a hamstring injury, so that move might be questionable. I am assuming that Beckett is suspended and not awaiting an appeal?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dice-K gives up 5 runs in first inning

Oakland, CA. Matsuzaka was spotted a 3-run lead over the A's. He responded by throwing 43 pitches in the bottom of the first, allowing the A's to tally 5 men across the plate. Very strong winds tonight. 30-40 miles an hour...almost as fast as Dice-K's fastball, which was lacking in velocity in the first inning. I think the WBC took it's toll on him and he'll be DL'd soon. He has not looked good in either of his two starts this season. Welcome home Clay Bucholz.

UPDATE. Justin Masterson pitched 4 1/3 strong innings after relieving Dice-K. Something is really wrong with him and I truly believe that Masterson will take Dice-K's spot in the rotation for a few starts. As for Bucholz.... perhaps they will bring him up to spot start him in Beckett's place this weekend and he'll be around for a couple weeks if Dice-K is disabled. Think about it.


Josh Beckett Suspended for 6 games

Josh Beckett has been suspended for six games and fined by Major League Baseball, which determined he intentionally threw a pitch near the head of the Los Angeles Angels' Bobby Abreu last week.

Beckett also was cited for "aggressive actions" after the pitch that led to the benches clearing Sunday, according to Bob Watson, vice president for discipline in the commissioner's office.

If Beckett appeals, any penalties would be delayed until after a hearing.
Angels hitting coach Mickey Hatcher was suspended for one game and fined, and he was to serve the penalty Tuesday night. In addition, Watson fined Angels manager Mike Scioscia and players Torii Hunter and Justin Speier

MY TAKE ON THIS: Obviously we have a running feud here between Josh and Abreu, but I can't offhand recall anything happening in the past. Having been a Yankee is bad to begin with. The commish took it easy on the Devils, I mean Angels because they are 'in mourning'. No further comment.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Lowrie on 15-day DL

Red Sox placed shortstop Jed Lowrie on the 15-day disabled list, retroactive to April 12, with a left wrist injury.

Lowrie, who suffered a non-displaced fracture in the wrist last season, is returning to Boston to be examined. Nick Green will have a little short-term value in AL-only leagues until Julio Lugo returns and takes over the job on a regular basis.

Kill the Yankees

2nd Inning. Tampa Bay 9 YANKEES 0. Nobody out in tbe second inning. KILL THE YANKEES. Wang shelled. Carlos Pena hits grand slam. He has 6 RBI's already. Wang's ERA 29.23. Wow. Will take him a long time to get under 4.00. Let's dig into the bullpen.

Sox playing the A's in Oakland. Would be nice to sweep, but....... We've got to start hitting. Only players hitting are Youk and Tek. Let's get rolling.

Manny wants to come back......

to Cleveland. Manny Ramirez will be back in Los Angeles Monday to renew his love affair with the city, but before his career ends he hopes to be reunited with his first love: the Cleveland Indians.

"I would like to play for Cleveland one more time, to go back where I started," said Ramirez, with the Dodgers playing their home opener Monday against the San Francisco Giants at Dodger Stadium. "I have so many good memories there, why not? click here to read rest of story

MY TAKE ON THIS. Manny being Manny. Good riddance.

Mark Fidrych dies at 54

Former All-Star pitcher Mark "the Bird" Fidrych was found dead Monday in an apparent accident at his farm. He was 54. Worcester County district attorney Joseph D. Early Jr. says a family friend found Fidrych about 2:30 p.m. Monday beneath a dump truck. He appeared to be working on the truck, Early said.

The colorful right-hander was the American League rookie of the year in 1976 when he went 19-9 with a 2.34 ERA. He spent all five of his major league seasons with the Detroit Tigers, compiling a 29-19 record and a 3.10 ERA. His career was cut short by injuries.
Fidrych attempted a comeback in 1983 with the Red Sox and went to their Triple A team in Pawtucket, R.I. But he never pitched in the majors after 1980 and retired in 1983.
The Worcester, Mass., native later owned a trucking business. To read more, click here. Stats

He went 19-9 with a league-leading 2.34 ERA. Three times he pitched six straight complete games, and he won eight straight games at one point. He was chosen to start the All-Star Game, which he lost. He hurled a two-hitter, a four-hitter, and five five-hitters. Fidrych was a distant second to Jim Palmer in Cy Young voting, but was named AL Rookie of the Year.

On June 28, 1976, Mark Fidrych came to the attention of baseball fans worldwide. For the first three months of the '76 season, Fidrych was pretty much a local phenomenon, even though he was 8-1 with eight complete games. But Fidrych's performance against the New York Yankees on June 28 changed all that. His salary in 1976 was $16,500. Just imagine, his salary today could be 1000 times what he was making back then.

Here's a great You Tube video of an interview.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Sox rained out.

Red Sox have been rained out in Boston. As we all know, early April weather can be brutal at times. Heavy rains and winds today. I was all set to make some Philly cheese steaks today. Would have had to pick up some fresh rolls this morning. Philly Cheese Steaks are not part of Boston tradition, but I just wanted to have my favorite food on opening day.

Every so often, we'll cook up some Italian Sausages and load em up with onions and peppers during the games... reminding us of those great sausage sandwiches a number of food vendors sell outside 'Fenway Pock'. They smell so delicious. I guess that I'll get stuck watching the Yankees this afternoon and rooting against them, of course. True Red Sox fans really despise the Yankees and I am no exception.