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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Let's Do it Tonight!!!

Let's unwrap the boxes of cigars; Put the champagne in the ice bucket and get ready to PARTAY!!!! Just get ready..... but we've got one hell of a ballgame to play. Our defense has to pave the way to a 17th World Championship. The Larry O'Brien Trophy is in the house. David Stern is on hand to present the gaudy gold bucket-and-ball to the Boston Celtics for the first time in 22 years. The Celtics have come too far to blow this thing now, and that's why it ends tonight. But let's not count our chickens until they hatch.

Ray Allen is expected to play in Game 6 of the Finals tonight after tending to a medical situation involving his youngest son in Los Angeles. According to a team official, Allen was at the hospital all day yesterday with his son and was scheduled to fly home late last night or early today. According to the official, Allen's son went to the hospital for treatment prior to Game 5 Sunday night and has recovered well. The official said Allen was disappointed after hearing about erroneous reports suggesting his oldest daughter was being treated at the hospital.

Looks like Perkins is going to give it a shot tonight.... Maybe it was meant to be... the Celtics winning the Championship on the home parquet. Let's get it over tonight...anything could happen in a Game 7 if we don't.

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