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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

So, What is Ailing Manny? - Sox lose 3-1

July 1. Tampa Bay, FL The Red Sox dropped another game to the 'mighty' Tampa Bay Rowdies, I mean Rays. Matt Garza pitched seven strong innings in his first outing since throwing a one-hitter, and the Rays beat Boston and nemesis Tim Wakefield 3-1 on Tuesday night to extend their lead in the division to a season-best 2½ games over the second-place Red Sox. Nothing more to say about this loss.

Lately, the Sox offense has been lethargic. Seems like we are just getting contributions from perhaps one or two hitters per game. Hopefully, Ellsbury will come out of his 'June swoon.' His hitting is in a funk right now, so obviously he's not running, stealing bases and distracting whoever is on the hill. We need Biggg Papi. Looks like he won't be back until late July... I hope. We need him to liven up the joint.

This brings us to Mannnnnny Rummmmeeerez. Something is really troubling him. He has been quite temperamental, going off on a number of individuals. He's all wound up, that's for sure. In the past, he's been somewhat 'quiet' in a number of ways. He was very good friends with Julian Tavarez and I think that he's upset that he is gone. The Sox have dumped other Manny companions over the year's also. I guess watching Pedro head for the Sour Apple did a number on him back then.

The Sox are missing that fighting spirit. They have 'pretended' to forget what happened in Boston with the Rowdies (I mean Rays) and at times they seem like a bunch of zombies. I know what 'happens in the clubhouse stays in the clubhouse' and that's an excellent policy. Try to keep the freaking nosy media out of their faces. We are slip-sliding away but the ship will be righted by the All-Star break. Is a split in New Yock the best we can hope for...is that out of the question? Yankees are rolling and if we don't get things turned around soon, we could have them only a game or two in back of us by the end of the weekend AND the Rays could be 7-8 games ahead of us and have all the momentum in the world. We need a good fight but we just can't afford more suspensions. Need to get everybody back and healthy. Maybe Tito will get tossed tonight and fire up these suckers.
Red Sox..... please line up and give Manny a hug today and tell him "I love you, Manny. Hit one for the gipper today"

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