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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Home Run Derby

So if, Josh Hamilton decided to stop at say, 10 home runs in that first round (enough to advance & conserve energy) and not hit 28 bangers, then this would have been one of the most boring HR contests ever?

No real sluggers. No comment on A-dude not wanting to participate. Hometown too? Final year of Yankee Stadium. He doesn't care. I guess he had better things to do? I guess that's 'rod being rod.'

Justin Morneau wins it 5 to 3. Doesn't really get more boring than that. A few long blasts by some of the other players and that about sums it up. The 'back...back...back..back' shouting by Mark Berman is about 10 years too old and just having Joe Morgan there gives me the creeps. We all know that Joe seems to give the impression that fans don't know jack!!! Thank gosh that he didn't go into his 'detailed' explanations of the 'sluggers' swings, etc. You know what I mean.

Kind of amazed at how Josh was able to keep it up in that first round pounding one after another. You had Bradley coming over, giving him a rubdown; Big Papi running across home plate on his way to the John, bringing out a rash of 'boos' from the stands; breaking out the sharpie to sign baseballs. I mean he had all kind of distractions, yet he blasted 28 that first round. I find that amazing, but it is time to stop dwelling on his past for so long. This part of the HR Derby was the most exciting in history.

So, what do you find more exciting. Hamilton stopping at 10 HRs that first round and going on to win the contest or hitting 28 home runs that first round. Three years from now, who would remember him winning (if he did)? Nobody. Actually, I don't think that anybody really cared who won this one...even though most of us were rooting for Hamilton..... or in 10 years from now, virtually everybody will remember the 28 he hit.

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