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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Gotta start winning!!!

Oh gosh..... I woke up this morning and the Red Sox are really 1 1/2 games in back of the Rays. Thought it might be a nightmare but in all actuality, IT IS. I thought Tampa Bay would fall weeks ago, but they are at the point now where they are gaining confidence with every win and their hard-fought losses. This team is rolling. And the fact that Sox players made comments against them, really fires them up. I can see them making the playoffs, (hopefully) beating out the Spankees for that wildcard spot. The division? It took so many years for us to take that away from New York, I'd hate to give it up so quickly. Have to rest in our laurels for a few years.

However, Manny is Manny and the Yankees are The Yankees and they will go out and spend money on another starting pitcher or mid-relief in July if they begin to falter again. Too bad Joba (the hud) is doing so good. Wasn't anticipating that. Hopefully it would have thrown things into disarray, but he is a major element in 'stabilizing' their rotation. When and if Senior Citizen Rivera retires, he could move over to that role. Unfortunately and I'd hate to admit it, but he'd be damm good.

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