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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Josh Hamilton's 28 homers revisited

Been doing a lot of thinking on this. Really try not to dwell too long on any one issue, but this one makes me wonder. How did he do it? Smoke and mirrors? Performing the greatest magic trick ever, Josh Hamilton gave the illusion of blasting 28 home runs, 19 MORE THAN ANY ONE PLAYER IN ANY ROUND.

As the ball kept flying off his bat, Mark Berman kept making remarks about the weird sound coming from his bat when he connected. Weird sound? I forget the exact wording, but something similar was said. He said that he had never heard a sound like that before.

You know, that 28 home runs are quite a bit. This guy would sign an autograph, blast a long one. Big Papi comes running by....out goes another one, etc., etc., etc. It seem like all he had to do was to lay some wood on the ball and it went flying.

Then in the last two rounds, he did not even come anywhere close to what he did that first round. Maybe HE WAS tired by then. Or, I personally suspect that the bat used for the 28 home runs was doctored. A wooden bat hollowed out and replaced inside with metal? Weird sound....mmmmm. Why didn't he quit after maybe 10 home runs? If you Ti-vo'ed the game, take a look at where the bat goes when he was done in that first round. I recall him going over to the clubhouse.

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