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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Jose Canseco - the Boxer?

ATLANTIC CITY - The former Bash Brother got his head bashed in Saturday night.
In less time than it takes to round the bases after one of his moon-shot homers, Jose Canseco was knocked out by former NFL return man Vai Sikahema in their celebrity boxing match that was equal parts "Saturday Night Fever" meets "Road House." How's this for star power - 1993 Phillies World Series goat Mitch Williams was ringside for the main event.
Sikahema, who was an amateur Golden Gloves champ during his youth before starring in the NFL, rocked Canseco with a devastating left hook in the first 30 seconds that dropped the former slugger to the mat. After a brief recovery, Canseco withstood another flurry of punches from the "Tongan Terror" before falling like a timber and mercilessly ending his night. If Canseco wanted to use the "Sweet Science" as a launching pad to a new career, it took 1:37 to prove the 44-year-old admitted steroid user better start thinking about a writing a third book

For nearly two decades, Canseco was one of baseball's most feared hitters, a superstar who earned millions of dollars whacking 462 career homers before packed stadiums from the Bay Area to the Bronx. These days, Canseco has been reduced to a circus side-show, a man with sizeable money woes who is loathed by former baseball players, coaches and executives after he put Major League Baseball on notice for its steroid sins with "Juiced."
According to a source familiar with the fight, Canseco earned a $35,000 purse - the equivalent of what he once made for several at-bats. But Canseco had to travel across the country to brawl Sikahema in what was supposed to be three, two-minute rounds. If Canseco goes any lower, his next gig may be blowing fire out of his mouth at county fairs.

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