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Friday, July 25, 2008

By Josh, The Stage has been Set.

July 25. FENWAY PARK, BOSTON, MA -- Here we go people, what we've all been waiting for but hoped that this pennant race wouldn't turn out to be so complicated. The Rays lost yesterday and the Yankees and Sox did not play, but we are in a virtual tie for the lead. The Sox have been sputtering and the Yankees unfortunately have been rolling. Amazing how they are just 3 games back with that awful pitching staff and those injuries. Gotta give them credit for that.

And whoever would have thought that the Tampa Bay Gutless Rays would still be hanging around. They are supposed to be 20 games out by now.

Hopefully, we will have the 'dynamic duo' both in the lineup today. It's so great to have the Big Papi back and it appears as though he has kept his stroke, after blasting 3 home runs for the Pawsox. We need THEE MANNY RAMIREZ. Not the Jaywalking, poking head through scoreboard, tumbling in the outfield clown we have witnessed lately.

So today at approximately 4:05, Josh Beckett and Joba Chamberlain will come out of their corners and square off. A slugfest? A pitching duel? At least four hours of some of the greatest entertainment in baseball. We need a sweep. Got to push 'em back. Kill the Yankees.

I wish that this was a 4-game series and we could stick Dice-K in right after Wakefield. We'd send the Yankees hitters sputtering and spinning for a week after that. However, as the rotation goes, we'll see our ace, Jon Lester take the mound on Sunday, following Tim (anything goes, but been pretty darn good lately) Wakefield. We have to face a tough Andy Pettitte on Saturday and in the finale, a rejuvenated Skidknee Ponson.

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