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Friday, July 25, 2008

Boston Globe article - Yankees suck

July 24. Kevin Cullen of the Boston Glove wrote an article asking us not to use the chant 'Yankees Suck." Guess he has nothing else to write about. And he really stoops low enough to kiss Derek Jeter's ass.

The Yankees are in town for a weekend series, and this would be a nice time to retire the stupidest chant in the world: Yankees suck

I don't like the Yankees. I never did, though as a kid I liked the way Bobby Murcer played the outfield, and for some odd reason I always wanted Horace Clarke to do well. But I am a Red Sox fan, have been all my life, and so that means I don't like the Yankees. My two sons don't like the Yankees either. But here's the critical difference: I respect the Yankees, and I've taught my sons to do so, too. They are 14 and 11, love baseball, and know that Derek Jeter plays the game as well and as hard as anyone has. If I were picking sides in the schoolyard, Jeter is the guy I'd pick first.

If you watch him in the on-deck circle at Fenway, Jeter turns and talks to the kids. He's one of the few players who seem to comprehend how lucky he is to be playing a game and making millions doing it. He's class, all the way, and he's the Yankees captain, epitomizes them as a team, and the hell with the Boss, this is Jeter's team. So when you say the Yankees suck, you're saying Derek Jeter sucks, which is preposterous.

But that's over. It's been over since October 2004, when "Yankees suck" should have been put out to pasture. Shouting "Yankees suck" at Fenway Park today is like yelling "No Taxation Without Representation!" at Faneuil Hall. Whatever you think of "Yankees suck," it used to mean something, but now it doesn't. It is mindless, as those who chant it often are. I was at Game 7 of the Celtics-Hawks playoff series, and when it became apparent that the C's would win, some in the crowd started chanting "Yankees suck."

"Dad," my oldest asked, "why are they saying that at a Celtics game?"
"Because," I replied, "they're too stupid to think up anything else."

Personally, I have never yelled "Yankees suck," just as I have never sung the chorus to "Sweet Caroline," or participated in The Wave. Now, sit back, and think long and hard for a moment. Have you ever said "Yankees suck"? Think of the people you have seen or heard saying this over the years. My experience has been that most people who shout "Yankees suck" are either drunk, obnoxious, or stupid and very often a combination of all three. They are an mbarrassment to the rest of us, and their chant makes us look like a bunch of local yokels.

MY TAKE ON THIS So, what do you think about that article. It sucks, doesn't it. Yankees suck; Jetah sucks and Kevin Cullen sucks. This guy is the arrogant one, calling Sox fans 'stupid.' Plain and clear, plain and simple...THE YANKEES SUCK. I hope we have 39,000 fans out there yelling at the top of their lungs...YANKEES SUCK...CULLEN SUCKS... YANKEES SUCK!! This guy devoted a whole stinkin article to this. Biggest series of the year and he is writing about this. Big Papi coming back; is Manny going to play; Can Josh Beckett toss a gem?. Trade deadline approaching... there's all kind of stories out there.

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