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Monday, September 22, 2008


I guess that a lot of us watched the 'ceremonies' or whatever you want to call it at Yankee Stadium yesterday. I enjoyed it and thought back to occasions during the past several years where we have seen many of the Red Sox old-timers appear at various festivities, i.e. World Series, Opening Day, parade, etc. and that was really nice.

So, I guess this was really great for the Yankee fans. Where was George? Where was Clemens? No mention of Roger at all...I guess he never played for the Yankees and all that was a dream or should I say, nightmare.

I cringed when I saw them show Damon. You just can not put that trader up there with the greatest Yankee centerfielders. He could have been a real, genuine Red Sox Dirt Dog, diving for balls, leading off games with hits and stealing bases igniting rallies; smacking home runs.

A lot of players from the Oakland A's ending up playing for the Yankees and made names for themselves and some pretty decent bucks. I guess that's one of the things really wrong with baseball. They lost so many players. Great organization, but just can not keep up with the salaries.

A lot of Sox fans want to see a new Fenway Park but many of us like it the way it is now. I think that selling out nearly 500 consective games speaks for itself. Fenway 'pock' is a classic. While I watched the ceremonies yesterday, I thought about how great it would be to see them flashing all the older Red Sox players on the screen with personal appearances as they close out the old Fenway Park. But you know what, once it's over....it's over. Isn't it really great to still be able to envision Ted, Yaz, and all the others while you view the ball park during games?

Watching a game at Fenway is a lot more than just viewing it...IT IS AN EXPERIENCE!!!

After Damon socked his home run yesteray, I just couldn't imagine his name up there alongside Babe Ruth's as being the players that hit the first and last home runs in Yankee Stadium. Of course, a lot of people wanted to see that distinction go to Jeter, but this is baseball and anything goes. Who would have expected Jose Molina to have hit the very last home run in Yankee Stadium!!! Great!

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