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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Rooting for Yankees

September 3. I never thought that I would see the day when I'd be pulling for the Yankees. I used to always say that you 'never ever ever root for the Yankees...they are the enemy.' But the way the division race is shaping up, we really need them to beat the Rays. Only three games back right now and that is manageable. The Sox are rolling and clicking on all cylinders (sort of).

We need to get the division so we don't have to play the Angels in the first round. Much easier to play the Twins or Chisox and let the Wild Card (Tampa Bay) get chewed up by the Angels. Who knows what can happen?

Pedroia is hot. Seldom have we ever seen anybody tearing up the place like this. Reminds me of Yaz coming down the stretch in '67. MVP? 'Heck ya... especially if we take the division. Gosh...look at all these injuries we have and we keep on winning. Big games coming up against the Rays and Yankees. Hopefully, Papi will start launching some. Doing pretty good right now, but we need the long taters from him.

It'd be nice for the DBacks to take their division and leave Manny sitting home, wherever that may be. Perhaps he'll go out and get himself another $5,000 grill and enjoy watching the Playoffs.

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