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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Now you are thinking!!!

Yankees GM Brian Cashman said Tuesday that he sees Joba Chamberlain beginning 2009 back in the bullpen because he hasn't thrown enough innings this season.

More good news for Red Sox and Rays fans. "We'll talk about that stuff obviously at a more appropriate time," Cashman said. "But basically we believe that you can put some guys in jeopardy by putting way too much on them when they haven't been to that level. If someone adds a significant amount of innings from the previous year in an area where they've never been, history says those guys either have breakdown or significant underperformance the year after." You know what else puts young pitchers in jeopardy? Moving them from the pen to the rotation in the middle of seasons. Chamberlain is going to be 23 next year, and it's not like he's a max-effort guy. The Yankees can be cautious with him while still using him as a starter all year.

MY TAKE ON THIS: Perhaps Cashman is auditioning for a GM position with the Sox. Certainly wasn't swift moving Joba from the pen to do starting duties. You are not supposed to have such a matter of urgency with a kid like this and that was one big bonehead mistake. Now, he's taking it easy with Joba ... he's going to be pretty good but hopefully not against the Red Sox. However, I am still not convinced that Joba is ready to pitch the final month of the season. Well, it won't be that much anyway because he won't be in the playoffs unless the Yankees trade him to a REAL TEAM. I think he should sit Joba down the remainder of the year. He is, unfortunately, their future #3 (?) starter.

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