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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'll Bet you didn' know that......

Dick 'Moose' Radatz holds the Major League Record for Most K's in a Season by a Relief Pitcher. In 1964, he struck out 181 batters while a member of the Red Sox. He threw a total of 157 innings and strutted out to the mound a total of 79 times and had a record of 16-9.

He was, more or less, a closer but his career didn't last long. He had a couple great seasons in 63-64 but things went downhill and his career only lasted 8 years, 4 with the Sox.

Nowadays, used exclusively as a real closer, he might have been one of the most dominating closers for many years. Never know though.....something to think about. His fastball was clocked at 95 MPH back then and I would imagine with the training we know have, he'd be up over 100 and we'd be calling him Mariano Francisco Jonathan Radatz.

Back then I was a teenager (13-14) and he was one of my favorite players.

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