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Monday, September 22, 2008

What fans did after the game.

Here's a list of headlines or stories I would have liked to have seen in this mornings New York Post:

1. Fans torch Yankee Stadium, burns to ground. Steinbrenner overjoyed at not having to pay for tearing down park.
2. Fans go wild after game. Tear out seats, take signs, grab toilet seats and whatever else they could get their hands on. Nobody arrested. By Monday afternoon, there were 30,000 fans selling all this stuff on Ebay.
3. Group of Red Sox fans bury Alex Rodriguez in Center Field.
4. Fans hang Yankees' announcer Susan Waldman upside down on flagpole.
5. Cars, trucks, buses, ATV's, plow through barriers into Yankee Stadium
6. Local entrepenours cuts deal with Yankees and allows fans to camp out after game. Home plate camping site goes for $2,000. Center field monument area $1,500. Center field $1.00 where Johnny Damon Stands, shortstop area $2,500, third base area $.25.
7. 15 Red Sox gun enthusiasts break into Yankee Stadium at 4:00AM and bring posters of Yankee players and use them for target practice.
8. Yankee fans destroy monuments in Center Field, pieces going for $25,000 apiece on Ebay.
9. While digging up the ground (for souvenirs), fans find 100 buried Red Sox jerseys including the one used by Roger Clemens in 1985. Manny Ramirez jersey found underneath home plate along with Pedro's.

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