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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Schilling considers second half (2009) comeback

Curt Schilling said Monday that he'd retire if he had to make a decision now, but is considering coming back from shoulder surgery to pitch the second half of next season.

"I won't come back for a full season, that much I know," Schilling said. "If I do decide to come back I would work to the point I was ready and somewhere around May 1 let the teams know I wanted to pitch the second half. I'd obviously need to spend June in the minor leagues building it all back up and then hopefully come back and help a team in contention win a World Series. All of this is predicated with the fact that I am completely healthy and able to pitch like I did prior to breaking my shoulder early in 2007. If I had to make that decision today, yes, I'd retire."

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