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Thursday, October 9, 2008

"McCarver's right" says Karros on Manny

Despicable? Once we've wiped all the spit off the salad bar shield following Tim McCarver's disarming, delicious description of Manny Ramirez's recent performance in Boston before he came to the Dodgers we wondered if former Dodgers first baseman Eric Karros would use the same word to sum up the situation.

He didn't have to since McCarver had already thrown it out there. "He's absolutely right," Karros said of McCarver's adjectivication over Ramirez's lack of committment when playing for the Boston Red Sox before his trade to the Dodgers in late July. "There is nothing worse as far as being athlete than you can do to a fellow player and not going out and playing, or pulling yourself out of a game, and that's essentially what he did. And the guys on that team voted him off the island. That's a fact."

Karros is referencing, of course, the situation Ramirez had when he was accused of not running out ground balls, complaining about injuries so he could stay out of a game, even not remembering which knee was hurting him. None of his Red Sox teammates clamored for him to stay. On top of that, Ramirez had an incident where he pushed down and roughed up a 60-plus year old traveling secretary over a ticket dispute.

MY TAKE ON THIS: Manny is a scumbag who quit on us. Unfortunately, he'll be okay for the next couple years. He was here 2 years too many.

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