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Friday, October 3, 2008

100 Greatest Home Runs of All Time

Awhile back, two sports writers at ESPN compiled a list of what they considered to be the 100 Greatest Home Runs of all Time. Here are the first twenty:

1. Bill Mazeroski wins Game 7, 1960 World Series (Pirates)
2. Bobby Thomson wins 1951 playoff (Giants)
3. Hank Aaron, No. 715, breaks Babe Ruth's record (Braves)
4. Joe Carter, wins 1993 World Series, Game 6 (Blue Jays)
5. Mark McGwire, No. 62, 1998 (Cardinals)*
6. Carlton Fisk, 1975 World Series, Game 6 (Red Sox)
7. Roger Maris, No. 61, 1961 (Yankees)
8. Kirk Gibson, Game 1, 1988 World Series (Dodgers)
9. Barry Bonds, No. 71, 2001 (Giants) *
10. Bucky Dent, 1978 playoff game (Red Sox)
11. Kirby Puckett, 1991 World Series, Game 6, game-winner in 11th (Twins)
12. Scott Brosius, 2001 World Series, Game 5, second straight 9th-inning, game-tying HR (Yankees)
13. Reggie Jackson, third HR, 1977 World Series, Game 6 (Yankees)
14. Chris Chambliss wins 1976 ALCS (Yankees)
15. Dick Sisler, 10th-inning HR wins 1950 pennant (Phillies)
16. Ozzie Smith wins Game 5, 1985 NLCS (Cardinals)
17. Dave Henderson, 1986 ALCS, Game 5 (Red Sox)
18. Hank Greenberg, 9th-inning grand slam clinches pennant on final day, 1945 (Tigers)
19. Ted Williams homers in final at-bat (Red Sox)
20. Babe Ruth called shot, 1932 World Series (Yankees)

To see the entire listing click on the link: http://espn.go.com/page2/s/greatesthomerunslist.html

MY TAKE ON THIS: Take this list with a grain of salt. To each and every one of us, the significance of home runs on this list will vary and we all will not agree upon the placement on the list. Interesting though. I'd like to throw out any of the home runs on this list hit by Bonds and McGwire, notable steroid users. I've placed an asterisk beside their entries.

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