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Monday, April 6, 2009

Sox rained out.

Red Sox have been rained out in Boston. As we all know, early April weather can be brutal at times. Heavy rains and winds today. I was all set to make some Philly cheese steaks today. Would have had to pick up some fresh rolls this morning. Philly Cheese Steaks are not part of Boston tradition, but I just wanted to have my favorite food on opening day.

Every so often, we'll cook up some Italian Sausages and load em up with onions and peppers during the games... reminding us of those great sausage sandwiches a number of food vendors sell outside 'Fenway Pock'. They smell so delicious. I guess that I'll get stuck watching the Yankees this afternoon and rooting against them, of course. True Red Sox fans really despise the Yankees and I am no exception.

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