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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pitch Tipping

• A-Rod "pitch tipped" when he played for the Rangers by letting opponents at the plate know which pitch was coming in lopsided games. A-Rod expected players he helped would reciprocate when he was having an off night and needed to get his batting average up.

MY TAKE ON THIS: What else is new? I wonder how many other players are involved in pitch-tipping, not just with AHole. I'm talking about the whole freaking Major Leagues. Probably rock your socks off. I guess the most likely would be 3B and 1B, huh? Take a look at the statistics from ball games and see occurences when each team's Third or First Baseman are both having exceptional days at the plate. Find a couple and go back on the boxscores and see if there is a consistency there. I just checked through the past two years of Yankee's box scores where AHole has had multi-hit games and compared his stats with the opposing 3B and 1B and I didn't see anything that would indicate pitch-tipping on a consistent basis.

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