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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dice-K gives up 5 runs in first inning

Oakland, CA. Matsuzaka was spotted a 3-run lead over the A's. He responded by throwing 43 pitches in the bottom of the first, allowing the A's to tally 5 men across the plate. Very strong winds tonight. 30-40 miles an hour...almost as fast as Dice-K's fastball, which was lacking in velocity in the first inning. I think the WBC took it's toll on him and he'll be DL'd soon. He has not looked good in either of his two starts this season. Welcome home Clay Bucholz.

UPDATE. Justin Masterson pitched 4 1/3 strong innings after relieving Dice-K. Something is really wrong with him and I truly believe that Masterson will take Dice-K's spot in the rotation for a few starts. As for Bucholz.... perhaps they will bring him up to spot start him in Beckett's place this weekend and he'll be around for a couple weeks if Dice-K is disabled. Think about it.


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