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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A-Rod on Steroids

As most of us had suspected all along, the word is out on AFraud. Yes, he is a user of steroids. I am not going to dwell on this particular issue because I really don't give a darn about this player, or should I say 'cheater.'

What concerns me is that there were 120 players that tested for steroids back in 03 or whatever. That averages out to 4 players per team. I don't want to point my finger at any Red Sox whom I suspect of taking steroids, but I am going to let you do it. Face the facts people, we do have individuals on our beloved Red Sox who have taken steroids in one form or another.

Just look at players who have produced over the years and then they are possesed by frequent injuries and of course, their productivity diminishes. Of course, players whose vital statistics increased dramatically over their normal years' prior could be highly suspected especially if they have 'tailed off' in the recent years. Might be 'the years' are catching up with them, but suspicions are aroused. You know, I have at least 3 players in mind on the 'Sox that I have suspected for several years but I am not going to give any more specifics because I do not want to believe it myself and it would be sacriligious to do so.

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