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Monday, February 16, 2009

Jim Ray Hart

I was attempting to do some research on the Springfield (MA) Giants of 1959-65 (NY and SF franchise minor league affiliate.

I came across information that Jim Ray Hart who played for Springfield and of later 'fame' with the parent club is living on the streets of Newark, NJ. Very difficult to get info on this. Sad story if it's true. 30 percent believeable to me. Must not have much of a pension.

It would be nice for some of these cheaters in baseball that have made millions upon millions of dollars from their drug-inflated stats to donate to some kind of 'homeless fund' for ball players who are barely living off their 'savings' or have little income from signing autographs and making appearances.

How about it Barry? Mark? Rafael? Alexia? Roger Rabbit? Those guys played their butts off for peanuts and you guys.... well.... it just makes me sick. Cheaters should never prosper, but unfortunately they do in virtually all sports.


Daniel Latrimurti said...

I grew up in the Bay Area from 62 to 80 and was a big fan of Jim Ray Hart. The games between the Giants and Dodgers were always broadcast and I remember during his rookie year (I believe) an at bat he had against Koufax. It was a great battle with Jimmy Ray with his incredible bat speed and upper body strength ripped the rocket that hit the left fields wall in about .5 seconds. I mean that thing must have been traveling at 500mph. Mays then came up next and parked one off of Koufax.

I sure hope he isn't living on the street because he would have had a stellar career had he not been beaned (before the days of the ear cover) in a game against the Cardinals. He missed a good part of the next year and never came back from that injury. He was one of my favorite players and not a bad third baseman as well. The other thing is that he and Richie Allen were rookies in 65 I believe and Richie Allen got the Rookie of the Year and Hart was runner up.

Please post any follow up information if possible.

Christian said...

Dave: Can you please contact me regarding Jimmy Ray Hart. My e-mail is fdjc2090@gmail.com. Thanks. Chris