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Friday, August 8, 2008

Selig's Investigation.

This Bud's for you!! Don't really know where this thing is going to lead. We all pretty much know the circumstances leading to his departure. Let's review it for a second:

Here's why Selig's office is looking into the matter: The Red Sox had an option to retain Ramírez in 2009 for $20 million. They had the same option for 2010. Ramírez, who will turn 37 next season, wanted to be a free agent at the end of this season. His agent wanted the same thing. Boras inherited Ramírez's old contract and stood to earn nothing until Manny signed a new one. It was in the interest of the player and the agent to have the options dropped. Manny's only leverage was withholding services and playing at half speed. So that's what he did. Sitting out games against Seattle and the Yankees, jogging down the first base line (and maybe even looking at those three strikes against Mariano Rivera), he sent the message that he wanted out. He made sure the Sox knew he could not be trusted to play hard if they kept him until the end of the season with the options intact.

MY TAKE ON THIS. Manny played dirty pool with us and tanked it occasionally. So, if they determine that he did indeed do all this stuff, what can they do?Obviously, they can not suspend him and stick it to the Dodgers. They can't send him back to the Red Sox. However, they can fine him some ridicuously low amount...$25,000, which would mean nothing to him. Or they can suspend him for the first 60 games of 2009. He's going to be a free agent and this will definitely effect his negotiations. Steinbrenner can afford it. Probably where he will end up....3 years, $90 million? What would Jeter and ARob think of that?

What's fair is fair. Actually they should impose sanctions on Boras. This is a very touchy situation because we have a number of players under Boras.

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