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Monday, November 3, 2008

Red Sox not high on Jake Peavy's list

DANA POINT, Ca. - San Diego general manager Kevin Towers has been working hard on the Atlanta Braves trying to put together a package for right-hander Jake Peavy.
Towers still believes the Braves are his best match for a deal. Towers has spent a lot of time speaking to Braves' special assistant Jim Fregosi about what the Braves would deal, but for the time being the Braves are still unwilling to part with some of their top young talent though it appears they would give up shortstop Yunel Escobar, who is coveted by San Diego.
Where do the Red Sox stand in all of this?

Peavy is still making it clear that he wants to stay in the National League. While he hasn't ruled out Boston it would be far down the list after the NL teams like Atlanta, Houston, Los Angeles and Chicago.

Theo Epstein will arrive in time for tonight's GM dinner. Most of the GM's have scattered until then as their presence isn't required at the arbitration meetings which are going on right now. Most assistant GM's or the financial folks who put together the arbitration cases are required at those meetings

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